Wednesday, 3 January 2018

2018 Reading Challenges & Specials

And here we are in January again! As from now I’m slowing down my pace a little presenting new books here on Edith’s Miscellany only every other week and thus reducing my reads by half. Still, you may look forward to twenty-six reviews of – hopefully – marvellous books written by famous as well as forgotten authors, half male and half female as usual. For obvious reasons, I’m out of the Read 52 Books in 52 Weeks that Robin of My Two Blessings hosts on an extra blog also in 2018, but I’m going to participate in others instead… and no less interesting ones as you will see.

Like past year I’m making only this collective sign-up post instead of individual ones for each of the annual challenges running from 1 January through 31 December 2018, but as usual separate lists to follow my progress will go online by and by. And I add an update of my – actually or at least theoretically – ongoing reading challenges and book specials.

The Share-a-Tea 2018 Reading Challenge on Becky’s Book Reviews caught my attention because according to the host it’s about “SLOWING DOWN and SAVORING the moments” with a special focus on sharing. It’s dedicated to books read while sipping tea and what could be more agreeable than enjoying a pot of hot green tea with a book in my hand! My favourite tea depends as much on my mood as my favourite book. Today my taste is for kukicha and Winter Sonata by Dorothy Edwards (»»» read my review)

»»» visit my challenge summary with the list of My Teatime Reads of 2018.

This year I’m also joining for the first time the Alphabet Soup Reading Challenge that Dollycas hosts on her blog Escape With A Good Book. In 2016 I completed a Double Alphabet of Writers for Read 52 Books in 52 Weeks and now it’s the turn of titles. I must admit that X gave me quite a headache, but I found a suitable book even for this rather awkward letter of the Latin alphabet. Titles with Q and Z, on the other hand, were much easier to find than expected… and they even start the titles!

»»» check out My Alphabet of Book Titles, i.e. my list of 26+4 books reviewed in 2018.

I already signed up for the *New* Decade Challenge of the GOODREADS Bookcrossers Group. Unlike its last edition, it only begins with the 1920s through today which means that I need to read just ten instead of twelve books for it and that with my reviews I’ll “cover” roughly the past one hundred years of world literature. I’ll review my reads here on Edith’s Miscellany, but I’ll cross-publish their short versions on GOODREADS… provided that I don’t forget again! It goes without saying that the books on my list are all from the twenty-six carefully picked for the Alphabet Soup Reading Challenge because I like cross-overs. Adding extra difficulty to choosing my books they make finding a suitable title an even greater pleasure.

»»» see my complete review list of (Nearly) A Century in Ten Books.

And it goes without saying that I continue contributing reviews to Read the Nobels, a perpetual reading challenge that Aloi aka the Guiltless Reader launched already in 2007 on a blog dedicated entirely to books from the pens of the “en-NOBEL-ed”. For 2018 I’ve scheduled reviews of novels written by four laureates of the Nobel Prize in Literature who are new to me and as usual the duplicates will go online time-delayed on the Read the Nobels blog. As late, I’ve become almost the only one still posting there which is a pity because it probably offers the most comprehensive collection of Nobel reviews available on the internet.

»»» see my post for Read the Nobels with the complete list of winners of the Nobel Prize in Literature and the links to my own book reviews here on Edith's Miscellany and on Lagraziana’s Kalliopeion.

Although 2018 brings the hundredth anniversary of the end of World War I and therefore also the end of my personal reading special about The Great War in Literature launched in July 2014, I’m going to neglect it rather shamelessly once more not adding even a singly review to my list. As a matter of fact, I realised that many of the books dealing with the carnage just aren’t my cup of tea and I’m not tempted to read them. Nonetheless, I’ve put together a nice list of reads for it and some of the books I even read and reviewed.

»»» see The Great War post with the book list


  1. This is a good amount of challenges! I will be concentrating on My Big Fat Reading Project, a challenge of my own creation. It involves reading the Top Ten Bestsellers of every year I have lived as well as a select list of authors I want to follow and certain history, biography, and non-fiction books. Over the years these lists keep getting longer and if I don't read at least two a week from the list I am currently working on, I will never get through. My goal this year is to finish the 1963 list, complete 1964 and start 1965. I do read at least one novel by the Nobel prize winner of each year, if the winner wrote novels.

    1. All good things come in threes... therefore I only joined three new challenges this year.

      Yours really is a Bit Fat Reading Project! I couldn't do it. I'm too slow a reader. Besides, like everybody else I have a busy life beside reading and blogging.

      With Jean-Paul Sartre (who refused) and Mikhail Sholokhov two interesting Nobel laureates are awaiting you. I haven't reviewed any of their novels, yet. Enjoy their books!


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