Wednesday, 29 January 2020

*New* Decade Challenge 2020 @ GOODREADS Bookcrossers: The List

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1 January - 31 December 2020

12 Volumes of Representative Fiction
from 120 and 1 Years of World Literature

– planned and completed –
(subject to change)

1900-09: Robert Walser: The Assistant (1908), original German title: Der Gehülfe
1910-19: Tormay Céline: The Old House (1914), original Hungarian title: A Régi ház
1920-29: José Eustasio Rivera: The Vortex (1924), original Spanish title: La vorágine
1930-39: Patrícia Galvão: Industrial Park (1933), original Brazilian Portuguese title: Parque industrial 
1940-49: Ivo Andrić: Bosnian Chronicle (1945), original Croatian title: Travnička hronika
1950-59: Hayashi Fumiko: Floating Clouds (1951), original Japanese title: 浮雲
1960-69: Giuseppe Dessì: The Deserter (1961), original Italian title: Il disertore
1970-79: Sevgi Soysal: Noontime in Yenişehir (1973), original Turkish title: Yenişehir'de Bir Öğle Vakti
1980-89: Hwang Sok-yong: Shadow of Arms (1985), original Korean title: 무기의 그늘
1990-99: Olga Tokarczuk: House of Day, House of Night (1998), original Polish title: Dom dzienny, dom nocny
2000-09: Samrat Upadhyay: The Guru of Love (2003)
2010-19: Emmi Itäranta: Memory of Water (2013), original Finnish title: Teemestarin kirja

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