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Women Challenge #5: My List
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  Books Written By Women

- completed reviews in alphabetical order by author's name -
  1. Ilse Aichinger: The Greater Hope (1948; previously translated into English as Herod's Children), original German title: Die größere Hoffnung
  2. Ariyoshi Sawako: The River Ki (1959), original Japanese title: 紀ノ川
  3. Mariama : So Long a Letter (1980), original French title: Une si longue lettre
  4. Ingeborg Bachmann: Letters to Felician (1946/1991), original German title: Briefe an Felician
  5. Anna Banti: Artemisia (1947), original Italian title: Artemisia
  6. Aphra Behn: The Adventure of the Black Lady (1697) »»» read my review on LaGraziana's Kalliopeion
  7. Charlotte Brontë: The Professor (1857) »»» read my review on LaGraziana's Kalliopeion
  8. Agatha Christie Mallowan: Star Over Bethlehem (1965)
  9. Laura Esquivel: Like Water for Chocolate (1989), original Spanish title: Como agua para chocolate
  10. Mary McNeil Fenollosa: The Dragon Painter (1906)
  11. Katie Flynn: No Silver Spoon (1999)
  12. Jay Griffiths: A Love Letter from a Stray Moon (2011) 
  13. Paula Grogger: The Door in the Grimming (1926), original German title: Das Grimmingtor
  14. Sabine Gruber: Roman Elegy (2011), original German title Stillbach oder Die Sehnsucht
  15. Maja Haderlap: Angel of Oblvion (2011), original German title: Engel des Vergessens
  16. Elisabeth Hickey: The Painted Kiss (2005) 
  17. Shirley Jackson: We Have Always Lived in  the Castle (1962)
  18. Kakuta Mitsuyo: Woman on the Other Shore (2004), original Japanese title: 対岸の彼女
  19. Else Lasker-Schüler: My Heart (1912), original German title: Mein Herz
  20. Clarice Lispector: Água Viva (1973; also translated into English as The Stream of Life), original Brazilian Portuguese title: Água viva
  21. Ana María Matute: Celebration in the Northwest (1952), original Spanish title: Fiesta al noroeste
  22. Margaret Mazzantini: Twice Born (2008), original Italian title: Venuto al mondo
  23. Eva Menasse: Vienna (2005), original German title: Vienna
  24. Julya Rabinowich: Splithead (2008), original German title: Spaltkopf
  25. Mercè Rodoreda: Death in Spring (1986), original Catalan title: La mort i la primavera »»» read my review on LaGraziana's Kalliopeion
  26. Judith Schalansky: The Giraffe's Neck (2011), original German title: Der Hals der Giraffe 
  27. Sumii Sué: The River with No Bridge (Volume I: 1961), original Japanese title: 橋のない川
  28. Marcelle Tinayre: To Arms! (1915; also translated into English as Sacrifice), original French title: La Veillée des armes. Le départ; Août 1914
  29. Regina Ullmann: Country Road (1921), original German title: Die Landstraße 
  30. Juli Zeh: Decompression (2012), original German title: Nullzeit »»» review forthcoming on LaGraziana's Kalliopeion

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