Wednesday, 30 April 2014

B O D Y and Soul of Contemporary Literature

Even without taking account of book blogs like mine, there is an infinite number of online sources with regard to literature, classical as well as contemporary. Many of them take advantage of the internet to publish original works, no matter if they were written by established or by budding authors. It's no problem to find a website covering whatever genre it may be and most of them invite their readers to submit suitable texts. The other day I stumbled across another online literary journal which I'd like to present to you today: B O D Y

The editors of B O D Y are based in Prague, Czech Republic, but judging from their names they are English-speaking expatriates residing there, not Czech citizens. Besides, their ezine was meant to be an international medium from the very beginning in July 2012 and so the entire journal is published in English. The focus of the literary journal is on poetry and prose, but in the end it's the quality of the submitted texts that counts. Since the internet is a highly visual medium, also contemporary art and photography find room in the journal.

The homepage of  B O D Y is very unpretentious and clear. Actually, I'd even call it elegant, but of course that's just my opinion and a reason more why I like it. There are separate columns for poetry, fiction, the Friday picks, performance text featuring interviews or authors and others reading texts on video, the art section, the archives of previous posts sorted by month and by subject in addition to the latest thirty, letters to the editors (which is a new feature), and last, but not least the information about what and how to submit.

Moreover, the homepage of B O D Y displays the most recent posts in each one of the columns and the additional categories recent, featured and essays. For the convenience of readers the website is searchable and the entire archive by month is available on the right. Since I dedicate a post to it, it goes without saying that this online literary journal is free. If you wish to subscribe it, you can do it either by e-mail or by RSS. Well, I prefer to browse such sites and to read texts at random... and it's definitely worth it. 

So why not have a look at B O D Y right now? Have a good time there!

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