Monday, 20 November 2017

Poetry Revisited: Nebbie – Mist by Ada Negri


(da Fatalità: 1892)

Soffro. – Lontan lontano
Le nebbie sonnolete
Salgono dal tacente

Alto gracciando, i corvi,
Fidati all’ali nere,
Traversan le brughiere

Dell’aere ai morsi crudi
Gli addolorati tronchi
Offron, pregando, i bronchi

Come ho freddo!... Son sola;
Pel grigio ciel sospinto
Un gemito d’estinto

E mi ripete: Vieni,
È buia la vallata.
O triste, o disamata,

Ada Negri (1870-1945)
poetessa e scrittrice italiana


(from Fate: 1892)

I suffer. – Far away
The mists in dreamy train
Rise from the silent plain
                       All gray.

The ravens black and high
The air with croakings fill,
Across the moorland still
                       They fly.

The trees their branches bare
Towards the clouds that drift
Imploringly uplift
                       In prayer.

I shiver! – I’m alone! –
Weighed down by the gray sky,
Floats in the twilight by
                       A moan,

Repeating to me: Come
And leave this gloomy vale,
Unloved one, sad and pale,
                       Oh come!

Ada Negri (1870-1945)
Italian poetess and writer

Authorized Traslation from the Italian
by A. M. von Blomberg.
Small, Maynard & Company, Boston 1904

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