Monday, 24 October 2016

Poetry Revisited: Herbststimmung – Autumn Mood by Marie Eugenie Delle Grazie


(aus Gedichte: 1882)

Ein endlos grauer Regentag...
Die letzten Blätter fallen –
Wie traumverloren hör’ ich Schlag
Um Schlag der Uhr verhallen.

Wem jemals Lieb‘ und Lenz gestrahlt,
Mag nun Erinn’rung trösten,
Die Zaub’rin, die so heiter malt
Mit kargen Farbenresten.

Und ob sein Herz auch früh verlor,
Was es an Glück besessen,
Man lernt durch einen Thränenflor
Die Wonnen doppelt messen!

Doch wen betrogen alle beid’,
Der fühlt in solchen Stunden
Noch herber sein unwürdig‘ Leid,
Noch heißer seine Wunden…

Marie Eugenie Delle Grazie (1864-1931)
österreichische Schriftstellerin,
Dramatikerin und Dichterin

Autumn Mood

(from Poems: 1882)

An endless grey rainy day...
The last leaves fall –
As if lost in a dream I hear stroke
For stroke of the clock die away.

On whom ever love and spring have shone,
May now Memory comfort,
The enchantress, who paints so gaily
With sparse remnants of colours.

And may his heart have early lost,
What it possessed of happiness,
One learns through an abundance of tears
To measure twice the delights!

But whom all both deceived,
He feels in such hours
Still more bitterly his unworthy pain,
Even hotter his wounds...

Marie Eugenie Delle Grazie (1864-1931)
Austrian writer, dramatist and poet

Literal translation: Edith LaGraziana 2016


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    1. Yes, it is! And it goes without saying that this is why I decided to reprint it on my blog.


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