Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Japanese Literature Challenge X - My List

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June 2016 - January 2017

This year the call to sign-up for the Japanese Literature Challenge X (2016/17) of Dolce Bellezza - for literary and translated fiction came late. In fact, by the time the post finally appeared on 11 June, I had almost given up hope. How much more delighted I was, when I saw it! It goes without saying that I’m participating again.

And here’s my draft list of eight literary gems from the pen of Japanese writers that I intend to read and review here on Edith’s Miscellany by the end of January 2017 (subject to change!):
»»» please read also my post for the Japanese Literature Challenge 9 (2015/16).
»»» please read also my (brief) post for the Japanese Literature Challenge 8 (2014/15) for which I signed up shortly before it was over, so I could contribute no more than two books to it.


  1. Sounds good. I won't officially join but I for sure will read at least one Murakami by the end of the year. I read Kafka on the Shore last year and became a fan. Also last year I read The Makioka Sisters, Junichiro Tanizaki.

    1. What a pity that you won't join - but then, the principal thing is that you read, Japanese literature included. I have read two books by Murakami Haruki. One I reviewed for past year's challenge. The other I read many years ago and I didn't particularly like it. Maybe it was a matter of translation. I noticed that a new German translation has been released past summer.

      Junichiro Tanizaki is on my TBR list, too, but somehow he never seems to fit into my schedule...

      Thanks for your comment, Judy!

  2. I don't know what Japanese books I might stumble across before January so can't sign up for this challenge. It looks very worthwhile though and I will keep an eye on your reviews for reading ideas.
    My most recent Japanese book (in translation) was the short story collection The Stationmaster by Jiro Asada. Beautifully atmospheric stories!

    Stephanie Jane @ Literary Flits

    1. I noticed your review of The Stationmaster by Jiro Asada, didn't yet get round to reading it though - so much to do and read, so little time! Sigh! If the stories are as atmospheric as you say, the collection might be just my cup of tea.

      Thanks for your comment, Stephanie!

  3. Oh, I love Silence and The Thief was quite interesting. I, too, hope to read The Restaurant of Love Regained as well as The Lake, both of which I own. What a great list you've drawn up! I look forward to sharing our thoughts, and I've put a link to your post on my blog in both places for the Japanese Literature Challenge 10. Thank you so much!

    1. You seem to be really enthusiastic about my list. Well, I always take great care planning my reads and try to pick the best of the best - although often this is easier said than done because the books aren't always easy to come by, especially the classics. There's so much out of print or not available in English translation...

      I saw that you have The Kingdom on your reading list. It seems that it's the sequel of The Thief... I'm already curious to know how the story will go on.

      Thanks for your comment, Bellezza!


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