Thursday, 14 January 2016

Read the Nobels 2016 - My List

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My Reads of 2016
Written by Laureates of the Nobel Prize in Literature

- completed books including links to my reviews -

1929Thomas Mann: Royal Highness (1909), original German title: Königliche Hoheit
1932John Galsworthy: The Dark Flower (1913)
1973Patrick White: The Tree of Man (1955)
1978Isaac Bashevis Singer: Satan in Goray (1933), original Yiddish title: Der sotn in Goray
1989José Camilo Cela: The Hive (1951), original Spanish title: La Colmena
1990Octavio Paz: The Monkey Grammarian (1974), original Spanish title: El mono gramático


  1. Good list. I haven't read any of them but have just started my first Nobel Prize winner's book of the year, "My Century" by Günter Grass.

    Marianne from
    Let's Read

    1. Oh well, it's just a list... So you're reading Günter Grass. I never could make myself read something by him because I hate the film made of "The Tin Drum" so much... I hope that you'll publish a duplicate of your review on Read the Nobels.

      Thanks for your comment, Marianne!


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