Wednesday, 4 March 2015

2015 Women Challenge

Women Challenge # 3
1 January - 31 December 2015

Browsing the internet and book-related sites in particular, I came across the Women Challenge # 3 the other day. The reading challenge is hosted by Valentina of Peek-a-booK!, a bilingual book blog in Italian and English. Since it’s important to me to spread the word of women authors, classical as well as contemporary, I signed up for it although for me it wasn’t much of a challenge really. As my regular readers will know, I always alternate male and female writers anyways. However, it was great fun and the challenge brought some new names of authors to my attention.

It goes without saying that from the beginning I aimed at Level 4: WONDER WOMAN - read 20+ books written by a woman author. Although I joined in only in March, I still could contribute twenty-four reviews to this challenge. Four more reviews – all of them wintry – went online during the first two months of 2015. I did’t count them for the challenge, but for your information I’ve included the links in my list because they are all excellent reads and (with the exception of two) rather hidden gems of literature which not everybody will have heard of.

So here’s my list with the review links:
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  1. Elsa Morante: Arturo’s Island (1957), original Italian title: L'isola di Arturo
  2. Doris Lessing: The Good Terrorist (1985)
  3. Sylvia Townsend Warner: Mr. Fortune's Maggot (1927)
  4. Anita Desai: Clear Light of Day (1980)
  5. Annemarie Schwarzenbach: Lyric Novella (1933), original German title: Lyrische Novelle
  6. Elia Barceló: Heart of Tango (2007), original Spanish title: Corazón de Tango
  7. Veza Canetti: Yellow Street. A Novel in Five Scenes (1934/1990), original German title: Die gelbe Straße
  8. Cora Sandel: Alberta and Jacob (1926), original Norwegian title: Alberte og Jakob
  9. Alice Munro: Dear Life (2012)
  10. Gabrielle Roy: The Tin Flute (1945), original French title: Bonheur d'occasion
  11. Anna Kim: Anatomy of a Night (2012), original German title: Anatomie einer Nacht
  12. Margaret Irwin: The Galliard (1941) 
  13. Cindy Dyson: And She Was (2005) 
  14. Kanani Hurley: Ancient Guardians. The Hawaiian Legend of Sharktooth and Hawkeye (2015)
    »»» read my book notice on LaGraziana's Kalliopeion
  15. Uno Chiyo: Confessions of Love (1935), original Japanese title: 色ざんげ 
  16. Juli Zeh: The Method (2009), original German title: Corpus delicti. Ein Prozess
  17. Enid Bagnold: The Happy Foreigner (1920)
  18. Kawakami Hiromi: The Briefcase (2001), also published as Strange Weather in Tokyo, original Japanese title: センセイの鞄
  19. Enchi Fumiko: A Tale of False Fortunes (1965), original Japanese title: なまみこ物語
  20. Toni Morrison: The Bluest Eye (1970)
  21. Annemarie Selinko: Désirée (1951), original German title: Désirée
  22. Maria Edgeworth: Helen (1834) »»» read my book notice on Lagraziana's Kalliopeion
  23. Ishimure Michiko: Lake of Heaven (1997), original Japanese title: 天湖
  24. Ayn Rand: The Fountainhead (1943)


  1. Interesting challenge. I have read five books by female authors from the 10 I have read this year so far.
    One item of my Reading Challenge for 2015 is also read "A book by a female author". I think this will be the smallest challenge with the longest list. ;)

    Haven't read any of the books you mentioned but will have a look at all of them. Thank you, Edith.

    Marianne from Let's Read

    1. Yes, it's a small challenge and yet the list of reviewed books by women authors is impressing already now, only two months after it started!

      I also participate in a Back to the Classics Challenge 2015 which includes the category Classic by a Woman.

      Thanks for your comment, Marianne!

  2. Welcome to the "Women Challenge", happy reading! :)



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