Tuesday, 30 April 2013


Another thirty days have passed with loads of office work, the usual everyday chores and leisure time limited to evenings and weekends. My look back on April is ambiguous. The month had its good as well as its unpleasant sides, but of course, that’s just the normal course of existence. We all know that life is changeable by nature and that we have to deal with whatever comes our way. All in all, I have no reason to complain. The only real nuisance was the weather that happened to be hopelessly behind schedule at first. 

April didn’t begin on a cheerful note for me although it was Easter Monday and I didn’t need to go to work. As a matter of fact, the long winter with heavy snowfalls in the last week of March had ruined not only my holiday plans, but it had also put me out of temper. In spite of not being susceptible to winter depression, the late cold, the snow and the grey skies made me downright grumpy. When the sun finally returned, also my mood brightened. Trees and bushes have broken into leaf since. The temperatures are just below 30°C now. 

It has also been a busy month that forced me to reduce my blogging activities mid-way. I had known all along that this moment would come, but I had hoped to stand my pace for a little longer. Writing – as I wish – interesting and worthwhile posts every day needs quite a lot of devotion as well as energy. After a day in the office I often found it hard to summon up enough motivation to spend my free time, too, in front of a computer screen. In the end I resigned. I decided to follow my heart and to post less often to this blog. 

After half a month I can say that I definitely made the right choice. Spending less time online gives me more opportunity to read and to watch films which will be for the benefit of this blog as well as of my literary work. I don’t know how other authors think about it, but for me reading is necessary part of writing. When I don’t read, my inspiration peters out and I can’t create. So it’s better for you and for me, if I allow myself time to read.

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