Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Spring is Coming

The winter cold had effaced most of the garden's usually vivid colours, when it spread its white blanket over the ground and everything else in the city for the first time in November. Months have gone by since that detrimental day. During the past days the last patches of snow melted under the strengthening sun and with the help of warm winds from the South, but the lawn in the front garden still kept its brownish green and messy look. Only the mellow yellow of the primroses scattered all over the lawn proved that spring was finally coming. At least, that was the sole sign of spring that jumped to the eyes at first sight. Having a closer look, tiny green tips appeared between the frost-burnt blades of old grass and the crumbly soil that felt soft under the feet. Soon the last reminders of the dead season would disappear and the colours of life would take over once more. What a pleasure!

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