Thursday, 31 January 2013


The first month of 2013 is almost over. If I were asked to describe the past thirty-one days in no more than three words, I'd choose: holidays, snows, deadlines.

All things considered, the beginning of this new year hasn't been too bad for me. I started off with almost a full week of holidays, true holidays to relax and recharge my batteries. Of course, the peace and quiet didn't last for long. Ever since the end of my holidays, I've been having a rather busy schedule at work as well as at home like the greater number of people in our fast-moving age. On most days I didn't even have time to follow the news! Well, that's nothing I regret. After all, I heard about shootings, wars, kidnappings, accidents, and natural disasters despite all. Like it or not, in our modern and digitally connected world it has become practically impossible to avoid bad news. On the other hand the good news, don't always make it into my universe. Isn't it weird, even perverse?

My days have been rather exhausting, but I still managed to find some moments to read regularly - on my way to and from work as well as in bed before going to sleep. It hasn't always been easy to follow my reading verve because thanks to the snow and the cold the bus was often too packed with people to open my bag with the book inside. As you can imagine, I haven't actually been delighted at the weather, but then, what could I do about it? At night I could hardly keep my eyes open on some days and had to put away my book after just a few pages. Also many letters have remained unanswered during this month. I needed my weekends for writing fiction because I had a deadline to meet. Luckily, January has been a very calm month in my letterbox. It stayed emtpy on many days and I didn't mind. On the contrary, I was glad to have no reason for a guilty conscience.

Tomorrow a new month begins, another good month as I hope... and one that will allow me to take up my usual activities at my usual pace. But let's wait and see. Life is always good for a surprise, isn't it?

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