About Me

Edith LaGraziana is a pseudonym - of course! I kept my first name and added a last name referring to the town where I have been living ever since I was born in 1970: Graz in Austria. I prefer it this way because I need my privacy and won't use my real name or my photo on the internet without being forced to do so. I don't think that my real name is of any importance to those reading this blog anyways. My friends know who hides behind the alias and all others will get to know me much better through my writings than through my name.

However, here's some more information about my person:

Some may already have assumed that I had the privilege to receive a fairly good and comprehensive education. They are right. I was born at the right time and in the right part of the world, nothing more, nothing less. I'm holding a Mag.iur. and a Dr.iur. of the University of Graz (sort of the Austrian equivalent to the LL.M. and LL.D. in the Anglo-American system), but as things are I am and have always been struggling to get a chance to earn a decent living.

A while ago I turned to fiction writing and have seen my first successes: a few of my short stories have been published in small Austrian literary magazines. I also realised that I love translating works of literature, but not being trained for it the odds are poor that I can secure good contracts. Besides, thanks to my horror of bureaucracy and EU legislation to combat tax fraud, I have now limited myself to working for Austrian publishers/clients only. I really don't see a point in getting a VAT number, writing reverse-charge invoices, and filing summarised reports for every petty amount that I can realistically expect to earn!

I started this blog because I've always had a great passion for literature and I like sharing my thoughts and impressions with the world. Attention: I don't do 'reviews-on-demand'! I only write about books which I stumbled across myself, mainly twentieth-century classics and newer novels which somehow caught my attention. Meanwhile I've also gone digital reading e-books, but I must admit that I'm not overly enthusiastic about it. The only true advantage that I see is that e-books don't need physical space.

To contact me write an e-mail to the following address:
edith.lagraziana [a] gmail.com