Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Reading Challenge: Books on France 2014

Emma from Words and Peace announced that in 2014 she hosts another reading challenge for books set in France, written in French (except Canadian French), written by a French author or by authors from any country about a French theme. I made up my mind to participate in it although it spans a whole year and I had sworn myself not to make another such long-term commitment. But it's France we're talking about! My first namesake whom I ever heard of was French: Édith Piaf. After that I've always been a big fan of the country and felt in seventh heaven when I finally began studying the language in school at the age of fourteen. So I can't help joining Emma's challenge – it's just too tempting!

However, I'm wise enough not to make too ambitious reading plans for 2014. Fifty-two weeks pass by so quickly and there's never enough time to read all the books which I'm longing to read. I reckon that something between six and twelve France-related reads is a realistic goal for me considering that I don't intend to read any translations and that in a foreign language I'm inevitably advancing slower. There are enough French books on my list of books to read anyways, just for instance Eléctrico W by Hervé Le Tellier (because every book set in Lisbon attracts me), 37°2 le matin by Philippe Djian, L'éducation sentimentale by Gustave Flaubert, the one or other novel by Marcel Proust and Émile Zola.

It goes without saying that I'll review the best among my French reads for you here on Edith's Miscellany and hope that you'll stay my loyal readers in another blogging year – only my second.

For the complete list of my reads and reviews for this challenge »»» please go to Books on France 2014: The Summary.


  1. welcome to the challenge! looking forward to see your titles!

  2. Bonne année!

    I'll follow your reading year and so will discover which books you picked for Emma's challenge.


    1. My pleasure, Emma! Since I use to decide about my reads on the spur of the moment, I'll refrain from making a list beforehand - but I'll up-date my list here and publish the links to my reviews on your page.

      Meilleurs voeux pour le nouvel an !


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